I am a radio writer by day, and a streamer/novice artist/video game enthusiast by night.

For 24 years I lived in the same city up here in the great white north, until one day I had to move on and experience life outside of the familiar streets of southern Ontario. Now I live in northern British Columbia, in a much smaller city, in a much smaller home, with a much smaller group of familiar faces…

That being said, I have no regrets, not even one letter! I have a fantastic group of friends, and a decently paying job that I enjoy for the most part. I get to talk to my family back home all the time, and even see them a couple times a year.

Moving across the country, to a city where I knew absolutely nobody, was the biggest decision I’ve ever made. It hasn’t been that long, but I’ve already learned so much about life, and about myself. Including the fact that I love to be creative and share that creativity with other people! Hence the blog.

Wow, that was a seriously long winded explanation…

Much love!